Election Day Results Roll In

(Undated) -- Tuesday was Election Day in parts of America. Following is a sampling of audio from some of the most-talked about races and ballot initiatives...
Bill de Blasio declares victory in the New York City mayoral race.
Bill de Blasio says Joe Lhota congratulated him.
Defeated New York City mayoral candidate Joe Lhota thanks his supporters.
Defeated New York City mayoral candidate Joe Lhota says it is natural to be disappointed but it was a good fight.
New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie had no problem winning a second term defeating Democratic challenger Barbara Buono.
Governor Christie thanked his supporters and campaign staff.
Democratic state Senator Barbara Buono concedes the New Jersey governor's race.
Barbara Buono encourages women in her concession speech.
Mike Duggan will be the next mayor of Detroit, with a ten-point win over Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon.
Mike Duggan wins Detroit's mayoral race.
Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon says his loss in the Detroit mayoral race does not mean he will leave politics altogether.
Terry McAuliffe is celebrating his election as the next governor of Virginia.
Virginia Governor-elect Terry McAuliffe acknowledges the support his campaign received from Republicans.
Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli says the vote was close because of the President's healthcare plan.
Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli says the close vote sends a message to President Obama.
Chicago alderman Deb Mell says she saw history unfold as lawmakers approved a plan to legalize gay marriage.
State rep Laura Fine says legalized gay marriage in Illinois will have a profound and positive impact on today's youth, especially those who are gay.
State Representative Marty Walsh will be the next mayor of Boston after defeating City Councilor John Connolly.
City Councilor John Connolly concedes the Boston mayor's race to State Representative Marty Walsh.
Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson is preparing to serve a third term in office after being reelected over businessman Ken Lanci .
Former Cincinnati City Councilman John Cranley wins the Cincinnati mayor's race against Vice Mayor Roxanne Qualls.
Vice Mayor Roxanne Qualls loses to former Cincinnati City Councilman John Cranley.
In Florida, Philip Levine was just a few votes short of the votes needed to become the next mayor of Miami Beach but he took the stage last night and declared victory against Commissioner Michael Gongora.
Commissioner Michael Gongora was a distant second to Philip Levine in the Miami Beach mayoral race.