Asteroid Buzzes Earth

(Undated) -- An asteroid the size of a truck buzzed past Earth Tuesday, sailing in between our planet and the moon. While NASA was able to predict that the small near-Earth object would safely pass us by, astronomers didn't have long to make that determination. The space rock was first detected less than a week ago. Earth's brief encounter with asteroid 2013 UV3 comes on the heels of word that the United Nations is putting together a plan to save the world from asteroids. The UN made plans last week to set up the International Asteroid Warning Group which will let nations share information about potential threats to Earth and coordinate on special missions to destroy them.

Methods for that could include nuclear weapons, gravity tractors, bumping the asteroid off course by crashing a spacecraft into it, and attaching solar sails. Some scientists estimate there are about one-million asteroids near Earth that could pose a hazard to the planet.