U.S. Destroyer Headed To Black Sea

(Washington, DC) -- The Navy is sending a guided-missile destroyer to the Black Sea in what military officials are calling a "routine" deployment. The Navy says the deployment was planned long before the current crisis began in Ukraine. The USS Truxtun left Greece Thursday to carry out joint training exercises with Romanian and Bulgarian forces. The Truxtun is based in Norfolk, Virginia and has over 300 crew members.
>White House: Latest Jobs Numbers Continue Positive Trend
(Washington, DC) -- White House economist Jason Furman says the latest jobs report continues a positive trend of 48 straight months of private sector job growth. The economy added 175-thousand jobs in February, a better-than-expected number. Furman said unemployment remains too high for too many Americans while wages have been "slow to rise." The national unemployment rate ticked up from six-point-six to six-point-seven percent.